Our playground has a sandbox and a playhouse for the smaller children. For the elder children we have a climbing tower, aerial ropeway, moon car court etc

Behind the football field, we have a few goats and 2 ponies. It's a new facility for the guests, and the animals like the social contact with the children

Krolf is a family play, where You play golf with a crocket mallet. We have 12 tracks and with 6 to 20 players You can have a lot of fun. You can also play crazy golf  

The area around Hummingen is very suitable for a cycling tour. You can ride on the dike, a distance of 40 km from Rødbyhavn to Albuen. It's possible to take a view beyond the Femern Belt

Hoby "Put and Take" are also a possibility.

The beaches at Southlolland are ideal for fishing.
It is possible to catch garfish, trout's and flatfish among others.